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Come azienda a conduzione familiare siamo abituati a fare imprenditoria per il futuro. Non lo facciamo da soli, ma lo facciamo in stretta collaborazione con i nostri clienti e i nostri partner. Siamo critici nella scelta dei partner con cui collaborare. Facciamo scelte consapevoli per creare legami con altre aziende. In questa scelta abbiamo una priorità: un partner deve avere gli stessi obiettivi e la stessa visione del futuro di Alumat Zeeman. Incontra i nostri partner in inglese.

5xbeter is an organization that promotes safe and healthy working conditions in the metalworking industry. They are committed to ensuring satisfactory guidelines, solutions and working methods. Thanks to improvement coaches our employees are given the necessary guidance towards working in a safe and healthy manner, which in turn allows us to ensure the safety of our machines.
Alumat Zeeman works with 3D CAD software for mechanical engineering designs, products and systems. Inventor® 3D CAD software provides Alumat Zeeman with a professional toolset for creating 3D mechanical engineering designs, documentation and product simulations.
AVAG is the trade association for the Dutch greenhouse construction sector in which companies cooperate in the field of integrated greenhouse concepts, components and associated services. AVAG represents the common interests of its members and supports them in the areas of quality, innovation and internationalization.
At Alumat Zeeman we like to open our doors to young people and show them the world of technology at various levels. The Dutch Education and Vocational Training Act obliges students of Intermediary Vocational Education to complete the practical part of their training program at an accredited apprenticeship company.
GreenTech is the global meeting place for professionals in the horticultural technology sector. The trade fair focuses on the entire horticultural chain and is organized each year at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.
With more than 14,000 members, Koninklijke Metaalunie (the Royal Metal Union) is the largest employers’ organization for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the metalworking industry. The Koninklijke Metaalunie focuses on companies in the metalworking and engineering sector. We are a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie.
Nederland Schoon (A Clean Netherlands) is an initiative to reduce litter and pollution. The organization encourages companies, associations and households to take steps towards creating a cleaner and safer country. This is certainly something to which Alumat Zeeman aspires to contribute. Together with Nederland Schoon we have entered into the battle against litter.
The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organization. TNO's mission is to connect people and knowledge to create innovative products and concepts that sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the welfare of society.
The Synergy of Growth is a partnership of six leading companies in the horticultural sector. This partnership organizes an annual event alongside the GreenTech trade fair that gives colleagues from all corners of the globe an opportunity to meet and expand their network.
WestlandWerelds is a unique digital world map that shows where in the world organizations from Westland and the surrounding area are active and with which activities they contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) of the United Nations.
Our world is faced with major challenges with regard to food (in terms of sufficiency and safety), water and energy, climate change and population growth. At the World Horti Center, we join forces with specialized companies, government bodies and educational and research institutes to find solutions to these challenges.

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