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Con il negozio online di Alumat Zeeman vi facilitiamo le cose. Magari non siete sicuri che un componente sia adatto alla vostra situazione. State cercando un formato leggermente diverso? O volete sapere se c’è ancora qualcosa in stock? Nessun problema: come organizzazione orientata al servizio clienti, abbiamo un nostro team di supporto. Specialisti con conoscenze nel settore, compreso anche il vostro, vi aiuteranno con qualsiasi domanda sui componenti delle serre in vendita nel nostro negozio online. Ordinare tramite il negozio online è molto semplice. Nel nostro magazzino ci occupiamo dello smistamento e della spedizione.

Le domande più frequenti sui componenti delle serre

Abbiamo raggruppato le domande più frequenti, che sono disponibili in inglese. Se nonostante le risposte non riusciste a trovare una soluzione o se aveste un’altra domanda, potete prendere contatto con noi tramite email e telephone. Faremo del nostro meglio per rispondervi entro 24 ore, nei giorni feriali.

Does the Alumat Zeeman logo appear on all your products?

Some products bear the initials of Alumat Zeeman or the article number.

What if a product is not included in your product range?

Of course it’s annoying if you can’t find the part you’re looking for! Our extensive machinery enables us to engineer the production of various products on a project basis.

Do you have a catalogue you can send me?

Yes, contact our sales team.

Do you apply a minimum order quantity?

You can buy both large and small quantities from Alumat Zeeman. However, varying minimum order quantities may apply to specific products.

Are your parts delivered worldwide?

Alumat Zeeman exports internationally. Thanks to our vast experience we can guarantee trouble-free logistics, including flawless customs clearance.

Can I buy from Alumat Zeeman as a private individual?

It is possible to buy parts from Alumat Zeeman as a private individual. Please note that you cannot pay in cash. You can only pay by debit card or bank transfer.

Does Alumat Zeeman also sell used parts?

Alumat Zeeman does not sell used parts.

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms depend on the size of your order and/or credit limit, unless agreements to the contrary have been made.

What is the average turnaround time of an order?

The delivery time depends on the size of the project and/or order. You will receive an indication of how much time it is certain to take, together with your quotation. The sales team can give you an updated indicative delivery time at all times.

What about warranty?

Please contact us if you wish to lodge a warranty claim. You can do this by contacting our sales team or by calling +31 (0)88 4000 800. Please note that there are a number of conditions attached to claiming warranty. You will find these in our General Terms and Conditions. We have set out a number of important points below for your convenience.

  • Alumat Zeeman BV does not provide any guarantee on consumables.
  • For the rest, the warranty that the importer, manufacturer or agent has given Alumat Zeeman B.V. is provided.
  • All goods eligible for warranty or repair must be delivered to Alumat Zeeman B.V., carriage paid, accompanied by their purchase invoice. Failure to include a purchase invoice will invalidate all warranty claims.
  • The costs of shipment by Alumat Zeeman B.V. to the importer, manufacturer, etc. are at the expense of the customer, as are any costs charged to Alumat Zeeman B.V. by the manufacturer, importer, etc. All goods will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense and risk.
  • Exclusively at the discretion of Alumat Zeeman B.V., defects to goods that were delivered to the customer which are covered by the warranty will be either repaired or replaced by new a new item if, in the opinion of Alumat Zeeman BV and/or the manufacturer, the defects can be attributed to construction flaws, the materials used or the particular model, resulting in the customer’s inability to use the item for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • All warranty claims shall lapse if the customer has independently made changes or repairs to the goods delivered to the customer, does not use these goods accurately according to the instructions provided or treats them injudiciously in any other way.

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