Trade fairs: when will we meet again ‘live’?

Some things are normal that we only miss them when they are no longer there. One of those things are horticulture fairs. In 2020 all fairs where cancelled and unfortunately we do predict to meet ‘live’ again soon.

Participation in trade fairs has always been an important element of our customer relations and sales activities. Meeting one another informally, without an order or a project at stake, is refreshing. This is one of the reasons why we regularly participate in many trade fairs. Ever since the 1950’s – when we still operated under the name Zeeman’s Kaskitbedrijf – we have been making our presence felt at both national and international level.

New contacts and long-standing relationships

Horticultural fairs are excellent opportunities to establish new contacts and maintain existing relationships. Event though we have digital alternatives in this day and age, such as video calling, it feels different without the friendly atmosphere of a fair. Just like you, we are looking forward tremendously to restoring this tradition!

Do you remember when ...

To keep the memory of the ‘good old days’ alive, here is a picture from 1955. You can hardly imagine it, but in those days the tins of sealant were still sold from our stand! It saved a lot on transport, or so the enterprising previous generation of Zeeman must have thought!

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