Short response times and sufficient capacity are important for Alumat Zeeman customers. In addition to the existing punching machine, our production is being expanded with a new punching machine with even more production possibilities. Time for expansion.

The new investment of this CNC-driven punching machine has a great story to it. The punching machine came from Asia and was transported in one of the 19,621 containers by the Algeciras HMM, the largest container ship in the world, which recently made its maiden trip to the port of Rotterdam. The transport took a month, and now the machine delivers the first processed metal sheets. Especially for the production of long products (such as screen plates) it is a great expansion of our production capacity.

Sustainability played an important role in the investment decision. The punching machine is without an hydraulic drive and has a servo-controlled punching head instead. This is more energy efficient results in a low noise level. In this way, we contribute to the fulfillment of our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives as well as to the realization of our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

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