The use of screening systems in greenhouse horticulture has been gaining in importance, which can partly be attributed to the emergence of what is referred to as ‘Next Generation Cultivation’ methods. This has prompted growers to intensify their use of screening systems. As a result, more use is made of the steel draw cables that are used to open and close the screens. These are therefore subjected to greater wear and tear, particularly if they are wound directly onto the shaft. Is there a solution for preventing premature disruptions to the proper functioning of these systems? Yes, there is: the D2S divisible wire tensioner, an improvement to the current range of divisible wire tensioners available today and an innovative development straight from the ranks of the Alumat Zeeman R&D Department.

The abbreviation D2S is short for the Dutch word for “Deelbare 2-duims Spanbus” (Divisible 2-inch wire tensioner in English). The idea behind it is as clever as it is simple: the draw cable is guided meticulously into the grooves when it is wound up. As direct contact with the cable is eliminated, the windings of the cable are unable to touch each other, thus preventing unnecessary wear and tear. Neither will the cable warp or lose its original shape.

The D2S can easily be installed in both new and renovated greenhouses. As the wire tensioner is composed of two parts, there is no need to dismantle the screen shaft when installing it in an existing system. Despite its compact size, the D2S wire tensioner is suitable for screen sections of up to 6 meters. Made from wear-resistant plastic, the lightweight D2S is well resistant to wear and tear. It is also recyclable.

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