Panorama Mesdag replaces velum the cloth hooked to Alumat Zeeman

On 4 February 2015, the velum in Panorama Mesdag (The Hague, Netherlands) was replaced by a new one. The old cloth was weather-stained and degraded by dust. The cloth measuring approximately 250 square meters and weighing 130 kg protects Hendrik Willem Mesdag’s piece of art from 1881 against the influence of direct daylight. Replacing the cloth is very complex, because the panorama should not be damaged and standard scaffolding cannot be used.

For the realization of this special job, greenhouse builders from the Westland were called in for their specialist knowledge. The cloth is attached to the construction with Alumat Zeeman clamps specially designed for the project. A small element of the whole project, but an important detail. Quality and reliability: that’s what it is all about!

The video (Dutch) below gives a good impression on the expertise needed for replacing the velum.

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