Often forgotten, but certainly worth your while: gutter maintenance

Perhaps it is because this a greenhouse component is not really in sight. And perhaps it is also because it is not everyone’s favourite job. We are talking about greenhouse gutter maintenance. This is often postponed for a little longer than is good for the quality of a very important part of your greenhouse. No worries: Alumat Zeeman to the rescue!

We may not give it any thought for days on end, but that ‘simple’ gutter has a lot to endure. The burning sun, which eventually affects the material. Excessive rainfall, which has been particularly heavy in recent years. Heavy packs of snow. Or dirt from autumn leaves. Just as every component of your greenhouse is deserving of attention, the gutter also requires maintenance from time to time. A good rule of thumb is: lubricate your gutter once every five years.

What do you need?

With summer just around the corner, this is the best time to work outside. Alumat Zeeman makes life easy for you because it can supply you with everything you need: a good quality coating (yes, restored to our product range by popular demand), brush heads, greasing brushes and gloves. After all, isn’t it true that good equipment is half the battle won? Order the equipment you need directly from stock. All the best on your roof!

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