Expedition Alumat Zeeman continues full speed ahead in 2020

It has already been two years since we celebrated our 90th anniversary. On that occasion we launched an ambitious concept: Expedition Alumat Zeeman. This concept represents the goals we have set ourselves for 2028 – when our company will have been existence for an entire century. Part of this strategy for the future is the introduction of a new digital platform for our B2B customers.

Producing food responsibly

With Expedition Alumat Zeeman we are about to embark on a ‘voyage of discovery’ that should bring the world closer to responsible food production. Here, responsibility is defined in the sense of food safety and eco-friendliness, with a minimum use of energy, water, pesticides and limited CO2 emissions. The Dutch horticultural sector makes a huge contribution to the solution of this challenge; a solution of which we are a part, together with our colleagues in the technical sector and in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Advisor and supplier

Optimal production facilities are of paramount importance in this. And that is where we see a role for Alumat Zeeman: that of an advisor and supplier of a wide range of ventilation and screening systems and parts for the horticulture industry. These products must be easily available. This is why we haven’t sat still since the introduction of Expedition Alumat Zeeman. Thanks to our new e-commerce platform and online shop we are now taking the next step into the future!

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