One year anniversary of our B2B online shop

Last year saw the launch of our new B2B online shop. At that time, our biggest question concerned the extent to which online sales would contribute to customer relations – a question that has now been answered without the slightest hint of a doubt. Our customers have been finding their way our B2B online shop in droves.

We could never have imagined that we would deliver more than 100,000 items through our online shop in only one year! You could therefore say that we are very pleased with this extension of our services. To celebrate the first anniversary of our online shop in an appropriate manner, we wanted to show our appreciation to some of our very first customers. We presented them with a cake to thank them for their ‘pioneering role’. Meanwhile, the online shop has become a permanent part of our sales.

Top 3 items

Of the more than 100,000 items ordered in one year, the aluminium gutter hook is the most popular. At next the screen peg and was followed by our cloth clamp.

Where do the orders come from?

In the first year, we bade as many as 60,000 international visitors a warm welcome to our B2B online shop. They came from the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Russia and Belgium, among others. And those are just the parties placing the orders: the items purchased are destined for projects in a multitude of countries.


Of course, we are not wont to rest on our laurels and are constantly engaged in expanding our online range. Also, the information on our B2B online shop is now available in four languages: Dutch, English, French and Italian. This year, we intend to serve our customers in Spanish and German-speaking countries online in their own language as well.

Organization behind the scenes

Now that our online activities are growing, it is important for Alumat Zeeman to have everything well organized behind the scenes as well. A complete logistics team is constantly in the starting blocks at our extensive warehouse and production hall in Maasdijk to ensure the delivery of our customers’ orders to the right delivery address and at the right time.

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