Welcome your customers and employees with the hygiene column of Alumat Zeeman. You see them more and more often at the entrances of buildings and receptions of companies: hygiene columns. We have developed our own version of the hygiene column that is available from stock.

The first wave of coronavirus infections is over, but the danger has certainly not gone away. In the coming period from one year to two years, it remains extremely important to follow hygiene measures promptly. We are now gradually seeing the disinfectants on standing tables, or the large columns with huge warning signs, making way for less eye-catching and stylish hygiene columns that are put in more places in a building: not too showy but sufficiently visible. Our hygiene column has been developed for this: stylish design, functional in use and not taking up too much space. This is important for safe (working) conditions. Disinfection remains one of the most important measures you can take to keep Covid-19 out of the door.

You want your own hygiene column at your entrance or reception? Call with our Sales team +31 88 4000 800 or send an e-mail.

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