Closed Modular Storage System

Unique Storage system with self-supporting roof construction. Alumat Zeeman created this innovative product together with Buwatec, Stolze and Wakker.

Benefits of water storage systems with self-supporting roof

  • No support in centre of the tank.
  • Designed for tank diameters 10 m (32,808 ft.) up to 20 m (65,617 ft.).
  • Easy and fast Installation.
  • Easy disassembly.
  • Cost reduction in materials, transport and installation.
  • Minimal shipping volume in container and truck.
  • Applicable on existing tanks.

The innovative method of working

In reply to market place requirements, the four mentioned companies joined forces to realize the Closed Modular Storage System. A great example of CO-CREATION (a cooperation where all the participants have an influence on the realization of the product).

Designed and developed the self-supporting roof structure, did all the calculations of loads and forces working out on the construction, production of the roof construction.
Specialist in developing, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modular water storage tanks for horticulture, industry and agriculture.
Specialist in the field of electrotechnical, irrigation and lightning installations as well as high pressure fog systems for horticulture, non-residential building both national and international.
Artisanal producer of sails and tarpaulins using modern techniques for applications in logistics and horticulture. Flexible tank protection made to measure!

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