Alumat Zeeman joins BOAL Group

Hans Zeeman, director of Alumat Zeeman More than 93 years Alumat Zeeman has been able to adapt itself to ever changing circumstances in society and in the markets, it operates in. Today we see that the international horticulture market is changing and developing rapidly. The trend of internationalization and increased scale keeps on growing. In reaction to these trends, we are delighted to inform you that we will be part of the BOAL Group. By joining forces, we are even better positioned to realize our solid international growth plans faster and better

This resulted in the acquisition of Alumat Zeeman by the BOAL Group, together with its strategic partner Equistone. The financial conditions of the deal have not been disclosed.

Alumat Zeeman

Alumat Zeeman is based in Maasdijk, The Netherlands, at the entry of the horticulture region The Westland and has a rich history since 1928. The company designs, develops, produces and delivers greenhouse parts, parts for ventilation- and screening systems as well complete ventilation- and screening systems to the worldwide horticulture market.

Screening systems are used to manage the quantity of light getting into or out of the greenhouse or to conserve energy with the objective to create an efficient and optimal climate in the greenhouse. A precise and durable ventilation system in combination with a dynamic screening system is a critical success factor for the perfect climate conditioning in the greenhouse. Depending on the cultivation strategy, the exact window settings can be set to create the right climate. By a continuous process of research and development both technologies have been further optimized by Alumat Zeeman over the last decades. Also, the automatic hail protection systems for outdoor cultivations, marketed by APS Holland is part of the transaction.

Bert Strikkers, director of Alumat Zeeman We continue to work together on the construction of a powerhouse in a market with an enormous potential.


BOAL Group

BOAL Group, headquartered in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands, has 50 years of experience and holds a market-leading position in the design and manufacture of aluminium roofing and sidewall systems for industrial greenhouses. Together with its in-house aluminium extrusion capabilities in the Netherland and the UK, BOAL focusses on engineering, designing and constructing systems for the horticultural industry. Supported by its PE partner Equistone, one of Europe’s leading mid-market private equity investors, BOAL has added Holland Groep Westland en West Nederland Sandwich Panels to the group during the last two years.

Ronald Boers, CEO of BOAL Group I’m very pleased to join our forces with Alumat Zeeman. The company has a strong position in the market, because of its unique qualities with respect to the production and supply of greenhouse parts and complete systems for horticulture. We are also proud to add a group of experienced and talented colleagues to the entire BOAL team. We are convinced that together we will add and offer better solutions to our worldwide customer base.

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