Alumat Zeeman Inspired by the SDG’s of the United Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant and renowned. These sustainability goals have been set by the United Nations and are aimed on tackling global challenges to ensure a healthy future for present and coming generations. We as companies and as individuals carry the responsibility to contribute towards these goals. Alumat Zeeman is actively searching for opportunities to do so.

Seventeen goals have been formulated by the United Nations. Some of these goals entail the eradication of poverty and of Hunger. Among these goals are also challenges such as ‘sustainable cities and communities’ and ‘responsible consumption and production’. As producer/supplier, we very much relate to the SDG’s. Covered cultivation such as greenhouses can for example contribute to increasing food production whilst reducing water and usage. At the same time we also take our responsibility to produce in a sustainable way. Not only companies have the responsibility to do something; every individual can contribute as well to reaching these goals.

Excursion for all personnel

In order to create awareness among our whole Alumat Zeeman team for the SDG’s, we went on a special excursion the 20th of February. Destinations: The Museon and the Omniversum in The Hague. Where we have been extensively informed and made aware of the importance of (sustainable) change. The exposition in the Museon and the documentary in the Omniversum have made its impact. For us it means that we will increase our efforts and our focus on reaching our own sustainable development goals. To be Continued!

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