Joining the BOAL Group gives us even more opportunities to put our sustainable ambitions into practice. Reducing our environmental footprint is high on the Group’s agenda. One of the concrete projects that Alumat Zeeman can also benefit from is the ESG project.

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. It is a term used internationally in the context of sustainability. Topics such as climate and the availability of raw materials are logical elements of this. BOAL Group is also active in the area of ESG, with our colleagues addressing various ESG challenges in a number of working groups,

Also important for Alumat Zeeman

Aluminium is a widely used material within the BOAL Group. One of its key advantages is its reusability. Principally speaking, this material lasts forever. At Alumat Zeeman we can also benefit from the knowledge that is being developed by the BOAL Group as a producer that processes a lot of aluminium. Alumat Zeeman is also represented in the ESG working groups referred to above, where we contribute our expertise in the field of reuse. We don’t do this simply out of a sense of responsibility, but also because customers are increasingly asking questions about the origin and environmental impact of materials. To be continued!

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