Selling greenhouse and screening system parts on the internet? Ten years ago, we would have called anyone considering this to be out of their mind. However, now that Alumat Zeeman has a B2B online shop, we are seeing an increase in sales, month after month. Keeping up with all those orders may mean a lot of hard work for our employees, but they are happy to do it. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority, after all!

There is a lot involved in getting an online shop up and running – and keeping it going. This is particularly true if you consider the figures involved, which correspond to several hundred online orders every week. These are dispatched not only to the Netherlands and the surrounding countries. We also see “exotic” address labels on our parcels sent to countries much further away, such as Mexico, China, Brazil and the USA.

Our online shop stocks over 5,000 different parts. This range is still growing: the online shop team never stops expanding it with new items. They are also constantly on the lookout for new horticultural parts that could be of added value to the range. Is there anything you are missing from our online shop’s product range? Please let us know!

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