199,997... 199,998... 199,999 ... 200,000 items sold!

Sales through our B2B online shop are still going up. When we set up our online shop, we knew that we would be providing you, as our customer, with an extra service. But could we have anticipated that we would be selling 200,000 products in only six months? Not really, considering that we sold only 100,000 products in all last year. What are the top three best-selling parts for horticultural applications?

On three: the fabric pincher. On two: the neoprene ring made of stainless steel. And the undisputed number one item on Alumat Zeeman’s online hit list is still the aluminium gutter hook. Of course, these are also very popular search terms. However, a brief analysis revealed that our B2B online shop can be found just as easily when you enter completely different search terms. Here are some examples: frog plates, bracket for pulley, hammerhead bolt and condensation gutter. We have a wide range of products that we can deliver from stock.

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