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Industrial processing? Alumat Zeeman has the right machines and professionals in-house. The processing of wire, sheet metal and tubes is something we have been doing for years. As a result, we fully understand that every product requires customization. And this is precisely what we deliver – particularly for the horticulture sector: a sector for which we are the number one specialist as the manufacturer of a wide range of parts for greenhouses, vent opening systems and screening systems.

With Alumat Zeeman, you opt for certainty: the certainty of an optimal finish with the right tolerances. In other words: efficient on-site installation. The production of screen holders, cover caps and sealing corners is no problem at all for us. We are also at your service for additional operations such as welding.

An answer to every question

At Alumat Zeeman we have the craftsmanship that is essential for optimal industrial processing. Our professionals know exactly is can or can’t be done with specific materials. Each of them is a specialist who keeps abreast of all the latest developments in greenhouse horticulture technology. We are happy to place our knowledge and experience at your disposal. You can count on a reliable and well-founded answer to your question.

The professionals at Alumat Zeeman never shy away from complex questions. Thanks to our expertise we are not only the ideal industrial processing company for the greenhouse horticulture sector; customers from other branches of industry also appreciate the expertise offered by Alumat Zeeman. We regularly receive orders from the façade construction industry, the agricultural sector and the installation and mechanical engineering sectors, for example. We are certain that we can provide the ideal solution for your branch of industry too!

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Thanks to our expert staff and extensive machinery, no assignment is impossible for Alumat Zeeman.

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