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Create the desired climate with a proven truss-rail ventilation system

In a truss-rail ventilation system, the windows are pushed upwards by means of aluminum push rods/lifter arms. These push rods are connected as a set to a push/pull tube that moves back and forth, parallel to the truss. This type of ventilation was designed especially for Venlo greenhouses. This optimum ventilation system requires the right combination of a motor, gearboxes, diameter and wall thickness of the push/pull tube and the push rods/lifter arms.

The TNO CASTA greenhouse vent program enables calculations to be made for your ventilation system according to established standards. This gives you the certainty of a sustainable, reliable and accurate system that regulates the climate in the greenhouse.

Alumat Zeeman assures you of an accurate calculation for your ventilation system: maximum efficiency, minimum light loss.

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