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Controlling the greenhous climate with a proper ventilation system including the humidity level

Alumat Zeeman provides tailored advice to provide greenhouses of all types with the optimal vent opening system. Wide-span greenhouses often make use of continuous ventilation systems. In this case, a relatively long, full-width ventilation window is pushed open and closed by a row of rack-and-pinion units. These units are mounted on a drive shaft that is set in motion by a motor.

Alumat Zeeman is not only a specialist in vent opening systems; you can also contact us for a wide range of parts for all your horticultural and screening systems. This unique combination allows us to offer our customers an integrated package, with the advantage of ensuring the optimal connection of the various systems in a greenhouse.

Alumat Zeeman designs, produces and delivers your complete vent opening system. Ask us about all the possibilities.

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