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Create an optimal climate with the right ventilation system

An optimal crop yield starts with creating the right greenhouse climate. A durable precision ventilation system in combination with a movable screening system is an essential success factor for perfect climate conditioning. Ventilation allows you to keep heat both inside or outside, and to maintain the desired relative humidity level. Depending on your cultivation strategy, specific and precision window settings can be used to ventilate and uniformly and hermetically close your greenhouse.

Alumat Zeeman is a specialist in the development, production and assembly of parts for greenhouse vent opening systems. We have many years of experience with ventilation systems in Venlo greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and polytunnels. We keep engineering and production under one and the same roof, with all the efficiency benefits that this brings.

Depending on your wishes, you can choose from different systems, including:

Wide product range

Alumat Zeeman is the trusted manufacturer of a wide range of parts for vent opening systems which are suited to all greenhouse types available today. Our drive systems are built in collaboration with leading brands such as Ridder, De Gier Drive Systems and Lock Drives, in which we use high-quality galvanized Tata Contiflo precision tubes for our shafts and tubes. You can also contact us for various types of insect mesh systems. In other words: we offer not only a complete product for greenhouse vent opening systems, but also the requisite knowledge and creativity to optimally tailor all these systems to your wishes and the crops you are growing.

Accurate calculation according to industry standards

Customers all over the world have been relying on our expertise for years in calculating complete greenhouse vent opening systems, whether these are swing, truss-rail or continuous. When calculating air compartments with parallel opening windows we use advanced computer programs, including TNO CASTA greenhouse vent, in which specifications are calculated and applied in accordance with the NEN3859 standard. An additional guarantee for maximum precision, reliability and durability!

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We enable our customers to sustainably and accurately control the vent opening systems of their greenhouses.

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