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Research and development: the basis of Alumat Zeeman

When you hear the words “Research and Development (R&D)” the first things that will undoubtedly come to your mind is product innovation. At Alumat Zeeman, however, R&D is an integral part of the entire organization. Not only are we continuously engaged in the innovation of our products; this is also extended to our systems, services (online, administrative services and logistics concepts) and business processes. Innovation is also a common thread running through our collaboration with other parties, which we put into practice through co-creation.

Alumat Zeeman is a manufacturer of both complete systems and components. Our knowledge of complete systems helps us to develop components, while we can optimize our systems thanks to our expertise in the field of components. In other words, we stand for the best of both worlds: from parts to systems, and from systems to parts.

Our R&D team makes use of Autodesk Inventor® 3D software for development purposes, builds prototypes on our 3D printer and tests developments in our own production environment. At Alumat Zeeman we seek to develop new products, systems and services with added value each and every day.

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